VOICES is the #1 conference for internal communications and employee experience. It’s a full day virtual event with a jam-packed agenda of talks from top internal communications, HR and Employee Experience experts from around the globe. This thought-provoking, insightful and educational event will focus on the new era of employee experience. It will leave you feeling invigorated, inspired, motivated and, up to date with the most relevant internal communications trends. All from the comfort of your own home or office.

Mark Levy

Mark Levy: Q&A With Mark Levy - Ask Mark Anything

Mark Levy is a seasoned, globally minded Employee Experience Leader who has chosen to work for big hearted companies and focus on how he and his team can unleash the talents and passions of a company's employees. In this session Mark answers an array of questions from our audience on all things Employee Experience.

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Sherhara Downing

Sherhara Downing: The New Language of Racism

Racism touts a new look and it's trending in ways that you may not even know. In fact, you may be sporting one of its popular accessories called: language. What we say and how we say it, is the current medium in which racism prevails. And more than likely you or someone you know is guilty of using language that perpetuates bias and prejudice—and not even know it!

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Shel Holtz

Shel Holtz: Create Unique Employee Experiences Through the Secret Tool of Employee Mapping

Employee experience takes into consideration what employees observe and see, as well as how they feel about their employee journey at any organisation. This session will be discussing the importance of a strong communication plan, and how different communication channels can help employees understand the company's values.

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Kristy Christie

Kristy Christie: Leveraging Technology to Boost Employee Engagement

As the technological landscape changes, global workplaces are finding more immersive and enriching ways to share and scale knowledge for employee engagement. Kristy Christie discusses the future of employee engagement technology, trends and the tools available to organisations to successfully manage a diverse and remote workforce.

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Martin Böhringer

Martin Böhringer: The Future of Employee Experience and How to Stay Relevant

The way we communicate and engage with our employees has drastically changed with a big shift in the role of internal communications. Dr. Martin Böhringer discusses the future of employee experience and how employers can stay relevant to keep their employees engaged.

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Peter Mallozzi & Heather Rouke

Peter Mallozzi & Heather Rouke: How to Build a Business Case for an Employee App in the Manufacturing Sector

So you've decided to bring a new internal communications platform into your what? A lot of projects have to go through the C-Suite for approval, especially with financial pressure from the pandemic. This talk will teach you how to build a business case that will help ensure buy-in from your leadership team around bringing on a new employee app.

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Anthony Vaughan & Katie Macaulay & Jane Sparrow & Sia Papageorgiou & Jeff Corbin

Anthony Vaughan & Katie Macaulay & Jane Sparrow & Sia Papageorgiou & Jeff Corbin: How to Engage Your Non-Desk Workforce: An International Panel

Engagement is key to overall productivity and success. In the era of social distancing, companies from around the globe are now faced with finding new and innovative ways to connect with their non-desk and remote workforce. Our international panel discusses a number of tactics and strategies to inform and connect your workforce.

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Cindy and Steve Crescenzo

Cindy and Steve Crescenzo: Interactive Workshop - Cutting Through the Clutter: Creating Communications That People Will Actually Pay Attention to and Act On

It's getting harder and harder to capture our audiences attention with our communication efforts. Limited attention spans, increased workloads, more and more competition, employees working from home, people reading on mobile devices ... these things are making it almost impossible for our key messages to get through. Almost impossible ... but not impossible. Not if you change the very nature of how you communicate.

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Josephine Huschmann & Katie Drakeford

Josephine Huschmann & Katie Drakeford: Making an Employee Platform A Success - How Valorum Care Rolled Out and Implemented an Employee App During COVID-19

Internal communicators within the healthcare sector face a number of unique challenges when it comes to efficiently communicating with their dispersed and demanding workforce . Valorum Care Group faced these challenges on a daily basis until they made the decision to roll out an employee app… during a pandemic. Katie Drakeford and Josephine Huschmann discuss the success that Valorum Care Group has experienced from onboarding through to employee engagement, and much more.

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Patrick Rudolph

Patrick Rudolph: How to Foster a Best-In-Class Employee Experience with the Latest Staffbase Platform

Employee experience comes in many shapes and forms. Patrick and his team are building the world's leading platform to support organisations on this mission. In this session he will talk about the main ingredients of experience-driven communications and how companies across the world are using employee apps and intranets to engage their workforce. Most excitingly he will allow a sneak peek into what's coming next.

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